April 29 by Parker

LetMePark and Grupo Next join forces to enhance connected car services and improve mobility

Coche conectado

In an increasingly connected world, vehicles could not be left out. The concept of the connected car is gaining ground among citizens, and there are many reasons that justify it. Among them is the way it assists in the parking process, from start to finish. Grupo Next and LetMePark are working together to establish this reality and make it accessible to all drivers. In this article, we share the outcomes of this collaboration.

The connected car streamlines and facilitates the lives of drivers. Connected car technology helps the driver have maximum control over their vehicle, allowing them to know things like location, battery status, detects malfunctions, offers WiFi to passengers, and even allows remote interaction with the car, such as opening and closing the doors.

Beyond the connection with the driver and their phone, connected cars have the ability to connect with city infrastructure, thus helping traffic flow. It allows finding the fastest and safest routes, avoiding congestion, reducing fuel consumption, and offering various services that reduce driving stress.

This is where the solutions resulting from the alliance between LetMePark and Grupo Next come into play.

LetMePark and Grupo Next introduce the innovative concept of predictive parking and automatic payment for regulated parking zones for the connected car.

LetMePark and Grupo Next introduce the novel concept of predictive parking and automatic payment for regulated parking zones for the connected car. For the first time in Europe, we will see the vehicle detecting its need and interacting automatically with the surrounding infrastructure.

“Thanks to the connected car, we anticipate user needs. We use mobility data to develop algorithms that allow us to improve mobility experience and the services drivers need, such as meeting parking needs when the machines observe that behavior pattern.” - comments Javier Goikoetxea, ,CEO of Grupo Next.

But the most innovative service is called “parking on street”.”. This service allows the vehicle to recognize if it is in a regulated parking zone and automatically issue the ticket. How does it work?

Once a user has parked their vehicle, the system detects if the vehicle is in a regulated parking zone. If it is, the customer receives a notification on their mobile phone with information about the zone and identified neighborhood. The customer has 90 seconds to cancel or modify the identified zone and neighborhood. After this time, parking starts automatically. The system closes the ticket and issues the invoice when the platform detects vehicle movement, also receiving data from the vehicle's unit.

“These developments reflect our ambitious and innovative nature, always thinking outside the box to find new use cases within the mobility sector,” - says Uliana Torkunova, CEO of LetMePark.

Our goal is to make life easier for drivers, reduce their anxiety levels when parking or renewing the ticket, save fuel, alleviate traffic congestion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A set of advantages that will undoubtedly be a valuable incentive to implement this mobility service in cars thanks to the alliance signed between LetMePark and Grupo Next.

Finally, enthusiasts of technologically advanced automobiles are another group that leans towards adopting MaaS. The majority are between 18 and 34 years old and use route planners, moving at least 4 days a week, with their most frequent journey being from the outskirts to the city center. Providing mobility alternatives that meet the needs of families with children is essential here.

Grupo Next has a system called Next Smart Car. It's a device that plugs into the vehicle and turns it into a smart car, with functions such as:

  • High-speed WiFi connection
  • Personalized solutions and offers: parking, refueling, maintenance, breakdown assistance, batteries, tires, and more.
  • Vehicle geolocation.
  • Car status analysis, anomaly detection, issuing alerts, and possible solutions.
  • Information about routes, consumption, wear and tear, malfunctions, etc.

The alliance between Grupo Next and LetMePark facilitates comprehensive parking management,including searching, reserving, and paying directly from the car, navigation instructions to reach the parking spot, automatic access without the need to remove the ticket, and much more, such as predictive parking and automatic payment service for the SER zone.