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How does it work?

If you need to plan ahead, Parker will help you with all of the troubles related to parking. Parker finds and books the best parking spot according to your plans, and creates a new notification in your calendar with the location and all of the other necessary details, without making you download any software or application.

At your service

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Automatic personalised search

How do you look for parking? Do you usually park on the closest parking suggested by your search engine? Are you sure that it is actually the closest one, and that it still has free spots? And that it is the cheapest and the most comfortable for you?

Parker runs an advanced search that involves an analysis of various parking booking platforms in order to offer you the most adequate spot, keeping in mind your personal preferences (price, distance, automatisation) and availability.

Automatic reservation with the best quality to price

Parker makes a reservation on the selected parking platform and creates a notification in your calendar, indicating the location and other details related with the procedure, without making you download any software or mobile app.

Parker integrates the biggest parking network on the market, which let us offer you the best service possible that will much all of your personal criteria.

LetMePark-reserva automática
LetMePark-acceso automático


Parker includes in the notes in your calendar all of the details about the location and the type of access to the parking, whether it is going to be automatic or through a reservation number.

Parker connects you to more than 280 parkings with automated access in Spain, where you never need to open your window in order to pick up the ticket nor wait nor have physical contact with the payment machines.

Automatic payment

Parker makes payment automatic and takes the hassle out of paying so you don’t waste time waiting or not being able to pay by card.

Parker provides you with a unique invoice with additional information, so that you can have a better control over your expenses.

LetMePark-Pago automático

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