LetMePark for Alexa

Park easier than ever before!

How does it work?

Simply say: «Alexa, find me a parking» and you will access LetMePark’s state of the art parking system.

You can search and/or book your parking spot without taking your eyes of the road. Just let know Alexa where, when and for how long you need to park.

Ask Alexa and LetMePark will answer you

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

“Alexa, open LetMePark”

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

“Alexa, ask LetMePark to check my last reservation».

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

«Alexa, ask LetMePark to park here”

What do you need to park using your voice?

Download the Amazon Alexa App and enable LetMePark for Alexa in just a few quick steps. 

LetMePark-Amazon Alexa

Activate the Skill

Open the Alexa app or Amazon.com. Select "Alexa Skills" and search for LetMePark. Then, select "Enable” and accept the "Terms&Conditions".

Connect your account

Put the same e-mail and password as the one in your LetMePark account and add a payment method.

If you are not registered at LetMePark yet, remember that the e-mail that you will use has to be the same for Amazon Alexa and LetMePark.

Ask Alexa!

You are now ready to go! Search, book and pay for your parking while you are on the go to your destination.

Find out more about our skill for Alexa

From your device’s app store, search for “Alexa app” (IOS and Android) and download the Alexa app.

Create a LetMePark account with an email address and vehicle license plate number among other details.

Remember that the Amazon Alexa and LetMePark email must be the same.

Then, from the Amazon Alexa application, in the “skills and games” section, look for the LetMePark skill. Enable the skill, link it to your LetMePark account and you are ready to go.

If you don’t have an Amazon account you will need to create one. You can either start here or download the app. Simply open the app store that comes with your device and search for “Alexa app”.

Remember that the email address you use to create the account must be the same as the one you use to sign up for LetMePark.

To register in LetMePark you can do it  here. You basically need:

    • Personal data: email address (the same as your Alexa account) and cell phone number.
    • Vehicle data: don’t get confused with the license plate number.
    • Payment details. Remember that if you are self-employed or a company you will be able to deduct the VAT.

First search for the LetMePark skill in the Amazon Alexa App, select the skill and enable its use.

Subsequently, enable the geolocation permissions. In the Alexa app, under Skills and Games, My Skills, select LetMePark and under Skill Settings give permission to location services.

Once allowed to use the skill, click on settings and Link account. You must sign in with your Amazon account and with the same email you used for LetMePark.

Also, make sure that the language of your phone is Spanish and that the location of your Alexa app or device is Spain.

LetMePark helps you automatically find, book, pay and access parking lots to save you time and make your life easier.

You can do a parking search and/or reservation. Alexa needs to know where, date, time and for how long.

It’s very simple!

First: Alexa asks you where you want to park.

You can indicate a specific street with its number, for example, Príncipe de Vergara 240, or a point of interest, the offices where you are going or even the intersection of two streets, for example Juan Bravo and Velázquez.

You only have to ask for it when Alexa asks you where you want to park.

You can say, for example: “parking near me”, “parking near here”, “parking next to me”, etc.

LetMePark uses the GPS location of your device to offer you the closest parking lot near you. By activating the location, LetMePark will be able to offer you parking lots in your city and help you navigate to them.

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