LetMePark for Alexa

Park easier than ever before!

How does it work?

Simply say: «Alexa, find me a parking» and you will access LetMePark’s state of the art parking system.

You can search and/or book your parking spot without taking your eyes of the road. Just let know Alexa where, when and for how long you need to park.

Ask Alexa and LetMePark will answer you

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

“Alexa, open LetMePark”

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

“Alexa, ask LetMePark to check my last reservation».

LetMePark-Alexa quiero aparcar

«Alexa, ask LetMePark to park here”

How to get started?

Download the Amazon Alexa App and enable LetMePark for Alexa in just a few quick steps. 

LetMePark-Amazon Alexa

Activate the Skill

Open the Alexa app or Amazon.com. Select "Alexa Skills" and search for LetMePark. Then, select "Enable” and accept the "Terms&Conditions".

Connect your account

Put the same e-mail and password as the one in your LetMePark account and add a payment method.

If you are not registered at LetMePark yet, remember that the e-mail that you will use has to be the same for Amazon Alexa and LetMePark.

Ask Alexa!

You are now ready to go! Search, book and pay for your parking while you are on the go to your destination.

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