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LetMePark-aparca más fácil

Make your life easier

We offer you a new way of parking by giving entrance to the car parks with automatic access or with reservation.

LetMePark-ahorra tu tiempo y dinero

Save time and money

We find you, in the biggest parking network in Spain, the parking that matches your preferences best.

LetMePark-cuida el medio ambiente

Save the planet

By using LetMePark you contribute to the reduction of the traffic as well as of the CO2 emissions.

Our solutions

LetMePark-Parker tu asistente virtual de parking

Parker: your virtual parking assistant

If you need to plan ahead

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Parker finds and books the best parking spot according to your plans, and creates a new notification in your calendar with the location and all of the other necessary details, without making you download any software or application.

Use Alexa’s voice recognition to park

If you are driving and don’t know where to park

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Just tell Alexa to open LetMePark and our virtual parking assistant will do the rest for you.

LetMePark-Aparca con Alexa
LetMePark-aparcamiento para flotas

Automatised parking for fleets

Optimise the parking costs of your vehicle fleet

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Let your employees focus on their responsibilities and make their movements more efficient. Forget about parking, avoid hassles at payment time and save time on their commute. 

You will receive a unique invoice with additional information, that will let your company deduct VAT from your parking expenses and reduce the administrative costs.

Our benefits

We are always with you

In your calendar or in your car through Alexa, LetMePark offers you the best user experience.

More freedom and mobility

We integrate all of the Spanish parking providers in order to assure you a parking spot at your destination.

Intelligence and efficiency

We personalise the search based on your preferences (distance from the destination, price, automated access).

Mobility is sustainable if it is smart

We contribute to the reduction of the negative environmental impact

Inefficient parking is responsible for 30% of traffic and 10% of CO2 emissions in heavily populated urban areas. The efforts to reduce these preceding values are our commitment to sustainability.

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We guide the driver to the most optimal parking for his destination, through this reducing the time behind the wheel and consequently the CO2 emissions. We improve the overall car and driving experience.

LetMePark-reduce el tráfico y las emisiones de CO2

Park safely in the biggest parking network in Spain

LetMePark-Acceso a parkings

More than 280 parkings
with automated access

Where you don’t have to wait, touch any of the machines or even open the window.

LetMePark-acceso automático

More than 2.400 parking reservation options

Where you don’t have to wait, touch any of the machines and you have a booked spot only for you.

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