For companies and freelancers

Deduct VAT, save time and focus on the most important.

Benefits for companies

LetMePark-ahorra tiempo con el parking

Higher productivity

Optimise the work time of your staff and eliminate the unnecessary troubles related with parking processes. 

LetMePark-mejora tu gestión de facturas

Easier accounting and monitoring

Improved control over your parking expenses. Detailed monthly invoice. Optimisation of the expense management process. 

LetMePark-deduce el iva del parking

Direct savings

Deduct VAT. Save on parking fees. Protect yourself from parking fines and save time when looking for parking.

How does it work?

Register at LetMePark and use Alexa, the calendar or the web app, in order to automatically manage your parking expenses, and receive a unique invoice. 

Deduct the VAT from your employees parking invoices, simplify your bills and save time.

Want to know more?

Discover Parker, your virtual parking assistant

Contribute to a sustainable corporate mobility

Inefficient parking is responsible for 30% of the traffic and 10% of CO2 emissions. In our monthly report, we include your company’s result in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions, so that you can see your contribution to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

With our solution we reduce the negative environmental impact of cities by reducing the usage time of cars. We do it by optimising the process of parking, starting from the search and finishing by the payment, and involving employees in corporate social responsibility.

LetMePark-movilidad sostenible
Saving Calculator
Calculate right now how much your company could save with LetMyPark per year

Number of weekly meetings per employee:

Number of workers visiting clients:

Where do we get these numbers from? Personalize them:

€ - Total Cost per hour

min - Average time spent each time you park        (find, pay and spend expenses)

€ - Average price of a parking / hour

hours - Average duration per parking

*We optimized the average time spent parking by 80%

You can save:
30.270 €/year

Savings thanks VAT recovery


Savings thanks to time optimization: *


Time saving:*

1.109 h

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