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We envision a future where, thanks to automated M2M systems, vehicles can make the most appropriate decisions by interacting not only with information, but also with local services, and closing smart contracts.

Our vision is to improve the driver experience and empower the connected car, providing advanced and personalized mobility services in a sustainable and efficient way.

One such service is parking. LetMePark aims to solve inefficient parking, which has become one of the main problems for drivers today.    

Most drivers use parking lots in a very inefficient way because they want to park as close and cheap as possible to their destination … BUT they don’t have enough information about prices, locations and conditions in a very fragmented market which implies spending, on average, +500€ and 19 extra hours each year.

LetMePark’s added value is based on its approach to meet drivers’ needs with the voice and automation technologies it uses. Our mission is to be the best intelligent driver assistant and connected mobility service provider.

LetMePark is the only service that automates the entire parking process: from the search and booking of a parking spot, to the payment and management of expenses.

LetMePark is the only parking services integrator with the largest parking network: 2,400 parking lots in more than 180 cities in Spain.

LetMePark is the only voice parking assistant in Europe.

We offer a new way of parking: no searches, no apps, no tickets, no barriers.


LetMePark is not just another native IOS or Android app.

We reinvented the way you park and the driver experience by automating the parking process by creating Parker.

Parker is your intelligent driver assistant.

Parker is the “cybernetic” intelligence that drives LetMePark, a friendly virtual robot that manages your reservations, locates the closest and most economical locations for your vehicle, while managing your payments and invoices. From A to C without worrying about P. The certainty of reaching your commitments without unnecessary delays.

Parker is multi-channel and works through your online calendar, through voice assistant services which LetMePark collaborates with and/or through the search engine in your user area. You can also save it on your cell phone as a web app that does not take up space and does not need updates.

Parker is an experience of the driver and his interaction with the car, of the automation of processes and algorithms; and of voice assistants that save you time and money.


Parker performs a personalized search according to the driver’s preferences (nearest, cheapest, automatic access), processing a large volume of available information to identify the best parking for you.

When you make a request you will receive a booking confirmation, recommendation or parking suggestion according to your criteria. 

A reservation is a confirmed parking stay in a parking lot on a specific date and for a specific time.

The parking reservation guarantees access to the parking lot on the dates and times (check-in and check-out) requested and, depending on the parking lot, there is no specific parking space assigned and you can park in any free space that is not reserved for another purpose. In case there is a parking space or floor assigned for parking, it will be specified in the reservation details.

LetMePark invoices only for the time you book. If the time of your stay exceeds the time of your reservation, you will have to pay the difference at the parking lot according to the hourly rate that applies. The time not used during the reservation will not be refunded.

One recommendation is a parking stay for parking lots with automatic access by license plate reading where no reservation is made. That is, you can use this service without making an express request and Parker processes the payment per use.                                           

If the parking management system (Parker) does not find a parking space according to your request, or there is no possibility to make a reservation or recommendation at a maximum price of 5€/hour.

Parker will make a suggestion either:

    • to park in the nearest parking lot without offering the reservation (by adding the corresponding event in the calendar), so that you will have to pay the cost of the parking at the parking lot.
    • for on-street parking (adding the corresponding event in the calendar) if Parker does not find any physical parking within 500 m radius to the address of the request.

That is, if there is no parking nearby or available, Parker makes a suggestion and, in both cases, LETMEPARK will not charge any management fee to the User.

LetMePark will include in each invoice a 10% parking management fee exclusively for each reservation made or automatic entry management by license plate reading performed (recommendation).

That said, users will benefit from discounts on the prices of their stays that parking companies offer to LetMePark users.


If you are not satisfied with the assigned parking, you have the option to cancel or reject the reservation made via calendar, LetMePark voice assistant or user area.

All cancellations must be made through the user area.

The cancellation of the reservation will be free as long as it is made within the cancellation period indicated by the parking, in the notification received in calendar or details of the same in the user area and / or mail received by LetMePark.

If the selected parking has automatic access with license plate reading, the reservation can be canceled or modified at any time without cost.

In any case, the rejection of the reservation can be made at no cost as long as it is cancelled at least twenty-five (25) hours in advance.


Just add Parker (parker@letmepark.app) as a guest for a meeting in your online calendar (including address, date, start and end time) and Parker will find and reserve the best parking for you near your meeting.  

After you invite Parker to a meeting, you will see in your calendar two events created by Parker; one event to park and another event to pick up your car from the parking lot. In addition, Parker sends you an email informing you of the parking event.

You will find in your calendar two events created by Parker: one before your meeting (titled Park the car), and one after your meeting (titled Pick up the car).

Events have the name and address of the parking lot and all the details of the reservation or recommendation, including reservation number if required, distance from the parking lot to the destination (event address), the type of access to the parking lot, the modification/cancellation policy for that parking lot and the approximate price (parking lot price plus LetMePark commission).

If you don’t see the events in your calendar, be sure to update the calendar on your mobile or computer.

The “Park the car” event is created by estimating the time it will take you to park and get to your meeting address quietly, without rushing! On average it calculates 15 minutes before the start of your meeting, but Parker is smart about estimating times to ensure you’re not late. The event notes show the address of the parking lot and approximately how long it will take you to get to your destination.

According to your calendar settings, you will receive a notification before this event. By clicking on the address, your browser will take you to the parking address.

Parker tells you in the event notes what to do in each case. He will preferably look for parking lots with automatic access where it is not necessary to collect a ticket at the entrance, being able to enter and leave the parking lot without going down the window or going through the cash machine: the barrier will be lifted automatically.

In some other parking lots you will have to take the ticket and at the time of payment, validate the ticket with the reservation locator (all this is included in the event notes made by Parker).

In that case, Parker makes a suggestion and will recommend street parking by adding the corresponding event to your calendar.

Remember that Parker works with parking lots that accept reservations or have an automatic access system. However, we are adding more parking options every day.

You can contact Parker or LetMePark by WhatsApp or by phone (+34 658 206 038) and they will solve the problem as soon as possible so you can park and get to your meeting. In any case, an incidence is registered for follow up. Please indicate what problem you have and this will speed up the response time.

You can also send an email (parker@letmepark.com) with any incident and it will be answered as soon as possible. 

LetMePark needs at least one hour before the start of your reservation to find and reserve your parking space. We depend on the policies of our suppliers and the parking lots themselves, so the earlier the better.

No. In the initial registration you provide LetMePark with the driver’s name, your email address, phone number and license plate number. After that, it is no longer necessary to enter any data.

If any of this data needs to be changed, please inform LetMePark as soon as possible by WhatsApp (+34 658 206 038) or change the data in your user area.  

Parker needs to know which car you are driving and the license plate number to make your reservation correctly, as this is a mandatory requirement to be able to enter the parking lots. When you change the license plate, the car, or the driver/user please update your data in the user area.

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